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According to their own statistics, 70% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a BBB accredited business and 84% believe this BBB accreditation means a business meets high standards of trustworthiness.1 With this great brand awareness comes great responsibility to ensure that the BBB itself maintains high standards of trust and reliability, so that their ratings of businesses are accurate, fair, and true.=================================We the undersigned consumers and business owners hereby petition the Better Business Bureau, interested politicians, and government officials to take the following course of action to rectify what we believe to be a travesty with great economic costs. the Better Business Bureau's Double Standards In Grading Businesses Sign the Petition to U. Congress. BBB has made it clear by their actions that they have no interest in protecting the consumer or playing the role of a consumer advocacy organization.

LEGAL WOES MOUNT FOR BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU: At last count, there are active lawsuits against the Better Business Bureau in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Minnesota. bbb Roundup knows of two major class action suits lurking in the wings, plus numerous other individual lawsuits being readied to file. KNOW ABOUT THE BBB1) The Better Business Bureau is NOT a government agency.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an organization containing more than 100 privately owned franchises loosely controlled by the Council of the Better Business Bureau (CBBB).

youve been victimized, File a Complaint against the BBB Today!

If the business responds many times this is enough to give the business a satisfactory rating, no matter what their response is!

Most BBB offices do not report any past history of a business, even when that business continuously victimizes different consumers.

What should also be swirling in your mind is the fact that in order to become a member of the BBB the business has to pay an annual membership fee.

How many renewals would the BBB get if the members were graded badly? The truth is members of the Better Business Bureau have much higher grades than non-members.

In actuality, the BBB is a private 501(c)(6) non-profit organization.

It requires its own fees in addition to what a company pays to be a BBB member.============================ Canadian Better Business Bureau accused of biased ratings CBC News investigation finds members score high, despite complaints Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced today ======================== Better Business Bureaus two-year-old letter grade system rewards dues paying accredited members and punishes those who refuse to pay.=========================== how the Better Business Bureau gave the lowest grade possible to Staples Source: