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07-Jul-2017 16:43

Florianópolis has promoted advertising campaigns on the natural resources of the Island of Santa Catarina as well as on its quality of life in comparison to other cities.

However, due also to such campaigns, it has experienced a great demographic growth and, consequently, infrastructural and social problems.

It starts from a general overview about the definition of city marketing and its practice and focuses on the case of Florianópolis in Brazil.

Gilcéia Pesce do Amaral e Silva Tag der Disputation: MAKE-UP URBANISM: the gap between promise and performance of Florianópolis (Brazil) PREFACE Make Up Urbanism: the gap between promise and performance of Florianópolis (Brazil) is a text about the contradiction between the advertising campaigns of cities and their realities, written by an architect with no political orientation and exploring the fields of urban planning, tourism, law and marketing (and a bit of public administration and sociology), for urban planners, actors involved in the construction of cities, academics, and every urban resident and/or tourist.

Make-up urbanism is an illegal practice according to our Consumers Protection and Defense Code and its promoters must equally respond for their misconduct.

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Als Forschungsgrenzen sind der enge analysierte Zeitraum sowie verhältnismäßig kleine und nicht repräsentative Beispiele zu benennen. Analogously, at the urban level, there also seems to exist a kind of make-up of products, configuring make-up urbanism.

Nevertheless, it seems to have a good image within the national urban scenario and has been commonly considered an urban consumption dream for many Brazilians.

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