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21-Jun-2017 01:40

For DSV2 plan I need to pay another USD23 additionally every month.

With little hesitation , I paid that amount and moved to DSV2.

The aim of the cloud policy is to realise a comprehensive vision of a government cloud (GI Cloud) environment available for use by central and state government line departments, districts and municipalities to accelerate their ICT-enabled service improvements.

As per the guidelines, both cloud service provider (CSP) and government department will have to share responsibility for the managing services provisioned using cloud computing facility."The CSP's part in this shared responsibility includes providing its services on a highly secure and controlled platform and providing a wide array of security features customers can use.

They replied that for that I need to contact the Account manager I asked them, why I should contact the Account Manager for 10Gb backup which is already mentioned on your Inclusion list? So, I sent another email to the account manager and got no reply from him for another 24 hours.

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The account manager was dealing all the payment and billing and the Support was setting up the server.

The architectural vision of GI Cloud as mentioned above consists of a set of discrete cloud computing environments spread across multiple locations, built on existing or new (augmented) infrastructure, following a set of common protocols, guidelines and standards issued by the Government of India.