Dating an ex drug dealer

07-Jul-2017 19:20

Her hazel/green eyes were like floodlights beaming out at you if she deigned to look your way.

By the time fall came around, I’d almost accepted my disqualification from the race for Liz’s heart. I don’t remember much about that weekend, which six or so of us spent in the basement of Elle Goldberg, another friend from camp who was close with Liz.

When I was searching for Liz I wasn’t worrying about deadlines or where the next job would come from; I was lost in the few very simple memories I had of Liz, and I was happy in that place.

Eventually I found something, but not what I’d hoped. “Likes to go to auctions and buy cars and homes.” That sure didn’t sound like her. It showed her with dark, almost jet-black hair and pronounced bangs.

The first article popped up a little less than a year after I first searched Liz’s name. “Since 2007, cops say Elizabeth Barrer has been a pivotal force in the drug network. Marshals are hoping to track down one of their biggest drug kingpins and need your help to capture her.” It just couldn’t be Liz. Maybe I could have convinced myself it wasn’t her, if it weren’t for that smile.

I’m not certain whether I had missed the article or if the paper had just put their archives online, but it was 2013 when I found an article from 2008, in a local newspaper in Fredricksburg, Virginia. Authorities believe Barrer launders funds for drugs purchased across the US/Canada border and into Ukraine. She wasn’t smiling in the photo, but Liz was always smiling a little bit. In the days that followed, more information came, and room for disbelief diminished. “Yeah,” she wrote, “that’s definitely her.” Queenpin. Liz was wanted by the Spotsylvania Sheriffs Department, and by the U. Marshals for trafficking large amounts of marijuana through the United States/Canadian border.

I began to focus on people I knew from the sleepaway performing arts summer camp I went to when I was fourteen.

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