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The man’s work station was next to an attractive woman who was one of his co-workers who he was friends with and who he was secretly dating, I think that she had whitish colored skin with maybe long light brownish/orangish colored hair, and the two of them would take breaks together and talk/help each other during work.The man started to notice things at his job that bothered him and he would secretly talk to his female co-worker/friend/secret girlfriend about the classified/secret things that bothered him, and it seemed that he wanted to possibly quit and/or to become a whistle-blower releasing classified/secret information that he felt was illegal and/or wrong.Abundant details can be found in my many essays (this one provides a recent overview).Instead of turning away from data and models, I take my advice from Carl Sagan. For me, one of the particularly bothersome aspects of our climate-change predicament is the relentless bargaining by people who should know better.

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We’re done, and even the Obama administration knew it way back in 2009. I plead guilty, but the world is on fire and, like most mainstream scientists, you’re taking the approach of too conservative (hence, lethal).The report concludes peak oil was a red herring, which it wasn’t and isn’t, but it’s clearly too late to ward off human extinction in the near future.