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What if Harry wasn't as trusting and more intelligent then what people give him credit for.What if he learns early about who and what the Ancient house of Potter is really about.When Danzo attempts to kill Naruto at Age 3, The Third Hokage uses a jutsu to save Naruto with his dying breathe, and Naruto finds himself in another world.In 3 years, he is found by a Giant with a little girl, and is taken to a Dojo fit for only the greatest Martial Artists.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

Main pairing D/EThis is the sequel to "Harry Potter and the Ultimate Force." Harry is now off to his second year at Hogwarts, where a new danger awaits.When he uses everything he has he gets sent through space and time, and finds himself in Jump City! Harry/Harem Tails is alone for the holidays, enjoying a vacation away from the bustling noise of New Mobotropolis and the gentle folk of Knothole.

It was like i’d crossed a threshold, stepped over an important line.… continue reading »

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