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18-Nov-2017 03:09

This toy's Wi-Fi hotspot is exposed during set-up due to its lack of encryption, and leaves all forms of communication over the internet vulnerable to interception from hackers.

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It's also possible to completely break the toy or infect it with malware via a malicious firmware update. With a lack of encryption and authentication, a hacker can easily intercept live video streams from the toy, and snoop through previously stored video and images.The toy's open Wi-Fi network allows anyone with the companion app to watch a live video stream of the car and its operator's surroundings.Even without the companion app, the more determined hacker could record the streaming video as it is not encrypted.Worryingly, this same issue allows for an attacker to spoof a child's location to mislead their parents about where their child is.

An attacker can also use the device to monitor and listen to the child and their surroundings, while its companion app is riddled with tracking scripts and advertising with huge privacy issues. It takes just 14 minutes for an attacker to take complete control of the car due to a lack of authentication and encryption.

They found that a children's smart tracking watch had fundamental security flaws that would allow a hacker to pose as a parent and send fake messages or SMS alerts.

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