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Nevertheless, a wealth of important historical monuments, the charming Anyone who is into cathedrals will not be disappointed by Seville’s offering: this mightily impressive structure is the largest gothic cathedral in the world.

Construction lasted for over 100 years, between 14, on the site of what used to be the city’s mosque, yet all that remains of the cathedral’s Moorish predecessor is the Giralda bell tower, which was formerly the minaret.

Archaeologists have theorised from the quality of marble and the artistry used in the temple’s construction that it must have been a particularly impressive structure, perhaps one of the most beautiful in the Roman Empire. Sitting low over the opaque waters of the Guadalquivir River, which flows down all the way through Andalusia and out into the Atlantic, it is supported by 17 stone arches, of which just two once belonged to the original structure.

The middle of the bridge, next to a 17 The Roman remains of Italica – as the city was called – that lie about 9 kilometres (7 miles) outside Seville are impressive, but Cordoba’s Medina Azahara was once one of the Islamic Kingdom’s most important cities.

Every May, courtyards and patios in Cordoba’s oldest neighbourhoods are opened to the public for the city’s , in which locals compete for the honour of having the prettiest space; a prize is awarded at the end of the month.

This is Cordoba’s unique cultural offering and something you won’t see in Seville, or anywhere else in Andalusia, for that matter.

On the famous Calleja de las Flores (a must-see street) every single house looks like something out of a fairytale; situated just north of the Mosque-Cathedral in the heart of the old town, this flower-lined little alleyway is the prettiest in Cordoba – and in a city where every other house is worthy of being on a postcard, that’s saying something.Both of these cities are home to monuments from Andalusia’s Moorish and Christian periods, but in Cordoba you can also view Roman remains, giving it an historical edge over Seville.The city’s most important Roman temple, which was discovered only in the 1950s, was built during the reign of Emperor Claudius in the middle of the 1 century AD.The album "Paseando Por La Mezquita" contains the exciting Andalusian rock and earned a double-platinum status. En Al-Hakim" ('89) there's a guest appearance by the highly acclaimed new flamenco guitar hero VICENTE AMIGO on three songs.

These are very exciting, especially the flamenco/synthesizer duel and a bluesy climate with mouth organ and sensitive flamenco guitar runs, very unique.

Porque no puedes cambiar la miseria y el dolor por un poco de amor.