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he labeled comey as a "showboat and grand stander" but seemed to insist his firing had nothing to do with the investigation into russian ties into his 2016 i just want somebody that's competent. the rule change came after several incidents of revenge porn back in march an investigation found several marines had passed around thousands of nude photos of female marines on facebook and also on other sites.

if russia or anybody else is trying to interfere with our elections i think it's a horrible thing and i want to get to the bottom of it and i want to make sure it will never, ever happen. for the next few hours it is but unfortunately it's back tonight and then it's back for most of your saturday as well. storm tracker radar showing you a little bit of patchy drizzle towards front royal, to the west of fredericksburg towards the charlottesville area. the west virginia supreme court of appeals ruled that antigay assaults are not protected under the state's hate crime law. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. fox5 asks the head of the prince george's county public school system some tough questions about the actions of some district employees. republican consulting firm is the subject of a federal investigation after a complaint filed by virginia's former top cop.

melanie alnwick is live in upper marlboro with more. reporter: hey, good morning guys t i think the question a lot of people are wondering is is this a problem of overreporting or is it a problem with the teachers. now, after the deonte carraway case when you had a number of students abused for months and it didn't seem like anybody ame suspicions that's when will prince george's county did an aggressive retraining program to remind employees they have a legal duty to report any suspicions of abuse or misconduct.

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the governor is set to announce a disaster relief fund for the state but it is likely not enough. in 2015 he accelerate add train to 106 miles per hour around a 50 miles per hour curve. two days ago prosecutors said they decided not to bring charges. good news once you get to 270 traffic is flowing on the southbound side north of that point in frederick traffic is also quiet. top of the beltway outer loop is not dealing with any slowdowns. if you have an early flight between the capital beltway and baltimore beltway quiet so nothing slowing you down -- sorry my hair is on the way -- on the way to bwi. the speech talks about how president trump would make america great president trump is facing another lawsuit. all right, we have some showers back in the forecast. by 2 o'clock, some patchy drizzle but i think most still dry. not until 5, 6 o'clock tonight the showers really start moving in from south to north, 57 degrees by 5 o'clock so again a-cooler cloudy day today with showers back in the forecast through your weekend. a lot of people who donated thought they were donating to the campaign. also in politics this morning president trump has broken his silence on the firing of james comey. pregnant women with hepatitis c has nearly doubled over the past five years. good news is we're not nearly as wet or not seeing as much moisture out there as we were this time yesterday. traffic patterns in montgomery county back to normal. tracking a crash in leesburg eastbound side of seven. coming down from the 270 spur we're at speed as well. the former penn say the assistant coach appeared in court on thursday.officials say they will expect to get just .7 percent of what is actually needed for that cleanup and restoration. and months after seven baltimore police officers were indicted on federal racketeering charges prosecutors dropped charges in nearly 50 cases which depended on their testimony. we're rainy all night long through the overnight and then through the first half of your saturday at least through lunchtime and then maybe conditions improve after that but we keep the clouds around and some spotty showers even into the evening hour of -- evening hours of your saturday. traffic on the way to reagan national and dulles is also flowing freely. part owner of several hotels and restaurants in new york has joined a lawsuit that alleges that the president violated the constituents clause in their contract. good news is there's not too many of them out there right now but as we work our way into the evening hours tonight they'll be back so if you have evening plans tonight or if you're heading to the nats game keep an eye on that nats game because they postponed yesterday. satellite and radar not showing too muc h there are showers through central virginia but those should stay to our south morning. we're going to go through your mother's day weekend in detail coming up in just a bit. they spend single digit percentages on politics donating to candidates, doing a, b or c that might actually move the political ball forward. to raise the money and to pay themselves and their vendors and so forth. in his first television interview since the firing the president says he would have dismissed comey regardless of whether the attorney general recommended it. i'll tweet out a link to all the road closures at erin fox5 5 d.c. experts say the increase reflects the rising number of people injecting drugs. couple of showers down through central virginia but you can see on the loop there, they're kind of trending off to the east here so should stay south of our region. mine's not but allegedly my friend knows one that is so i'll let you know mike. for the rest of your friday morning commute, love what we're seeing outside the beltway in the top side in maryland right now. his lawyers argued sandusky was not properly represented during his trial. police looking for two people who hung a noose at a middle school.

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