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However, several editors indicated their opposition to this change, at WT: MOSNUM and the talk pages of the editors who were unlinking dates.Discussion continued at WT: MOSNUM on whether enough editors had previously provided input on the issue to accurately represent community consensus.This Rf C seeks to clarify (i) whether a form of date autoformatting is desired, and (ii) whether the linking of date fragments should be used, and if so under which conditions.The poll will commence on 30 March 2009 and will run for two weeks.After a long debate at MOSNUM talk and elsewhere, a poll and subsequent debate in August 2008 led to the deprecation (that is, the discontinuance) of date linking for autoformatting purposes.Several editors then moved forward with a large-scale manual, automated and semi-automated unlinking of dates.This poll deals with issues regarding date linking/unlinking and the use of autoformatting (software that automatically changes the date format displayed to logged-on editors' set preference).

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