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"I don't know anybody who is a close friend of his in the garage.""Here's the deal: I don't have time for a lot of chit-chat," Knaus said. Some will tell you exactly what they've got in the race car. I don't want other crew chiefs to know what I'm doing. The only people I share that information with are our teammates."Malec said Knaus intentionally doesn't fraternize with No.48 crew members as much because it got awkward when employees were fired."Racing is his entire life," Malec said. It's all he's got."Knaus' closest friend probably is Johnson, who struggles with how to describe him."As intense and crazy as he is, he's kind of a teddy bear at times," Johnson said, before a long pause and a laugh. He's complicated."In the austere environs of his office (which also contains a horseshoe from a fan, a cloverleaf and a "Believe" decal from the Baltimore City Police Department), Knaus has no windows and faces a whiteboard with a multicolored line graph charting the points position, start and finish of the No."If things aren't going well, I'm not really concerned about someone who's been stuck all day long wanting to go get dinner.I'd rather open up my computer and go to work."It has limited his interaction in a sport where the downtime often is built around small talk with competitors."He's very cordial, but I don't know him that well like other crew chiefs," Petree said. That's it."A lot of crew chiefs want to share setup info.Michael Landis, the team manager for Hendrick's 48/88 shop, cringed recently when he saw the chrome center hubcaps for the No. He just wants to know."Chad will walk by something that you spent two hours looking at, and he'll catch something you didn't.

Knaus has showered them with gifts -- including a xylophone and a hopscotch mat because "whatever I can do to annoy Jimmie a little, I take pleasure in it" -- and often played at-track babysitter last season."Genevieve is loving you one minute, and the next she's screaming, crying and mad, and it's really weird," Knaus said, pausing to chuckle. I have that effect on women."It's left Johnson feeling sometimes conflicted about whether his professional triumphs come at the price of Knaus' personal fulfillment."I feel for him because I see the joy that being around my children brings, and the respect he has for the relationship Chani and I have," Johnson said.48 Chevrolet's first victory at Auto Club Speedway in April 2002.