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Using more steps can yield better approximation, although this implies larger effort. Thus, calculation of energy losses requires calculation of power losses in pick, intermediate and light load levels.

Segmented load duration curves are superposed on the original ones as shown in figure 1b. Optimal Capacitor in Electrical Distribution Systems Using a Genetic Algorithm, Latin America IEEE/PES T&D 2002, São Paulo, 18-22 of march, paper 188.

An approximate load-duration curve divided in different load levels is used to compute energy losses.

A 104-bus test system is presented and the results are compared to the solution given by another search technique.

This hypothesis simplifies the problem excessively, however it does not affect the final result in a significant way, especially when many loads, all of same type, like residential, commercial, rural or industrial, are supplied (Gönen, 1986).

The load curve can be substituted, advantageously, by the corresponding load duration curve, as in figure 1.

The reactive compensation problem is formulated in section 2. Utilização de algoritmos genéticos para a minimização de perdas em redes de distribuição de energia elétrica, Brasil, III Congresso Latino Americano de Distribuição de Energia Elétrica, pp.

Section 3 shows the proposed solution method after a brief review of fundamental concepts relating to microgenetic algorithms and fuzzy logic.

A dynamic programming technique to find capacitor sizes as discrete variables was a pioneering work in Duran (1968). This comparison confirms the efficiency of the proposed method which makes it promising to solve complex problems of capacitor placement in distribution feeders.Um algoritmo microgenético aliado a lógica fuzzy é proposto para alocação e programação ótimos de bancos de capacitores em redes de distribuição de energia elétrica.It consists in determining installation points and operation control program of a certain number of capacitor banks in order to maximize the profits obtained from system losses reduction.

The extent of the benefits from capacitor banks installation depends on electrical network configuration and its load states.

A função objetivo utilizada leva em conta a economia com redução de perdas de potência e de energia e os investimentos associados.