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16-Oct-2017 14:31

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Netflix, Amazon and other popular online video libraries encrypt their video streams.The majority of tools cannot record such encrypted video streams.You can find additional music suggestions and import the wishlists of other users in the Community.You can access the complete discographies of your favorite stars with all their hits and albums by, for example, entering the name of a band or by using a special category for the top artists of a specific genre.So if you want to make backup copies all your streaming movies and audio then DVD ne Xt COPY Oceans XStream 2018 is the solution for you.Find out about all the new features and improvements and get the new software with a huge discount today!Brand new: Oceans XStream 2018 Home which you can use as your new command center.

Whenever you listen to a song on a website or in the player of a streaming program, Oceans XStream 2018 can record it for you and automatically save it, for example, as an MP3 file.

With hardly any effort at all, you can have Oceans XStream 2018 deliver you the entire life works of a particular musician.

In order to get an album, you simply click on the on the image of the album you desire in the artist directory.

DVD ne Xt COPY Oceans XStream 2018 records videos and audio from online video stores and other internet sources while they’re playing and saves them in superior digital quality as private-use-only backup copies.

DVD ne Xt COPY Oceans XStream 2018 also has a built in converter that allows you to view or listen to your streaming media on portable playback devices as well as built in media player.This works also perfectly with Audio books of Spotify ™ and Deezer™.