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It arrived in your store on Wed or Thurs according to your store.The installer said they would install it on Dec 14; when I complained about that they offered to pull it in a day, to Dec 13.At no time did they ever say the cabinets were not level and would need to be addressed.The original countertop and tile work was perfectly level.On 11/2/17 my tile guy came out to install the backsplash but couldn’t because the countertop was not level…by over 1.5 inches. After going weeks without a response from Lowe’s or Sims-Lohman the install company, they finally made an offer to fix it but not to cover the 0 out of pocket cost.Why should I have to incur a loss due to their botched work?

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The 26 (of 28) Reliabilt 3900 windows went well, with a couple minor problems.

She tried to type in my information and the computer didn’t want to accept it. He ordered the parts and now it is December 15 when the installers were going to the store and pick up the 2 pieces and finally install the door. Yesterday, the cashier can’t find the Va registration that I’ve sent through on line long time ago, she gave me a hard time about it, I presented my VA ID, DD form 214 and my drivers license and still yapping and complaining she cant’t find my name on the computer, but when I go to other cashier no problem, this was not the first time. Then a very young lady “Sarah” came around posing as Supervisor who look so innocent. Last few months I bought a John Deer 105 with 2 bag with it that kept falling off behind me due to the clamp was not treaded to hold it.