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Le microchip doit être implanté sous la peau au centre de la face latérale gauche du cou.

Il ne peut en aucun cas être enlevé, modifié, falsifié ou même réutilisé.

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Since Yiddish is very closely related to modern German, many native Yiddish words have close German cognates; in a few cases it is difficult to tell whether English borrowed a particular word from Yiddish or from German.Others are more regionally oriented, e.g., in the New York City metropolitan area.A number of Yiddish words also entered English via large Jewish communities in Britain, particularly London, where Yiddish has influenced the Cockney dialect.Many of these words have slightly different meanings and usages in English, from their Yiddish originals.

For example, chutzpah is usually used in Yiddish with a negative connotation meaning improper audacity, while in English it has a more positive meaning.Après avoir identifié le chat, le vétérinaire doit encoder, dans les 8 jours, dans la base de données CAT ID, les informations relatives au chat et au responsable.