Who is eminem daughter dating

14-Jun-2017 13:48

He’s a father, and not just to one daughter, but to three!

One in particular, his daughter Whitney Scott Mathers, is sometimes seen in the public eye.

But many aren’t familiar with her, her exact background or her actual relationship with the famous singer.

Many aren’t even sure how she’s really related to Eminem, if at all!

Whitney Scott Mathers has a lot of interesting facts about her and is part of an intricate family network, all strangely connected to Eminem himself.

Check out the following Whitney Scott Mathers wiki to know more about her! He’s been an ex-convict and has faced several drug charges over the years.

Someone please convince Pink to write a parenting book. “All of a sudden I’m a soccer mom and doing the damn thing. Honestly, I didn’t realize you could enjoy it so much.”It shouldn’t be hard considering kindergartner Willow is already unimpressed with her hit records.

The 38-year-old mom is all about no-shame breast-feeding and she’s notorious for keeping it real on Instagram (sample post: “Yeah my kid rides her bike inside. “The other day, I picked up her friend, who started singing, ‘Raise your Glass,’” she added.

Eminem has written songs dedicated to and about his daughter Hailie Jade Scott Mathers since he began his career.(via his representatives) that the Twitter account was fake and not that of his daughter.Hailie herself says on Instagram: “I don't have a twitter or private account.” There is no evidence that Hailie Jade Scott Mathers can rap like her father.This is where things get a bit complicated so try and follow along…

To start, there’s Eminem’s biological daughter, Hallie, born to Eminem and ex-wife Kim, back in 1995.Hailie Jade Scott Mathers is an American woman famous for being the daughter of rap superstar Eminiem – aka Marshall Mathers.